5 Minute Fast-Track


Starting out with a new system is often a daunting task. We’ve tried very hard to make it as simple as possible. Over the next five minutes, let us give you some simple directions to get your Reditype confidence charging ahead.

You Need To Sign In

Of course the first thing you will want to do is sign in. Find the authentication prompt (there’s often a “sign in” link at the bottom of your sites page), for example: http://example.com/user/login and use the account details your technical people gave you to enter.

Meet Your Admin Panel

Once you signed in, a small admin panel will become available to you as an administrator. You’ll find it on the left of your screen.

Admin Menu Panel

The admin panel can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the small tab.

Within it you can find links to main areas of the administration system - available at all times, from anywhere in your website. Very handy.

Look For Edit Buttons

Edit button

In many places on your website you will find handy edit buttons. This will allow you access to the editing interface for pages, snippets etc.

Three Flavours Of Save

Save button description

When editing and saving, in many instances you will find that the save button provides three save modes. Understanding them can save a huge amount of time when editing.

You’re able to simple save the item - after which you will stay in the editing screen. You can also save and close, or, save and show.

Learn The Markdown Basic

Markdown is the editing syntax Reditype uses for structuring text. It’s simple to use and you can find some exhaustive documentation on it. But the following piece of Markdown might provide a handy cheat sheet to get you started.

Here is a simple piece of text written using [Markdown](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown) markup language.

Markdown is a great way to manage content because:

 * it's fast to learn
 * requires no special editors
 * is very versatile for beginners right through to experts

You might like to copy and paste this text into your own page to see how it is rendered.

Be Brave, Mistakes Can Be Corrected

Reditype uses a versioning system to record all changes to a content item. If you’ve made a mistake, you can always roll-back changes to an earlier version.