User Guide and Manual


Reditype builds upon a variety of concepts. Before getting started, you will need to understand some basic web editing concepts. If the you feel comfortable with uploading files, blogging and general web editing, you might like to skip further ahead.

Content Publishing

While a common enough concept, a brief overview on the general process is a good way to start this user manual and provide a basic structure to it’s contents.

Local content sitting on an editors computer is where it all starts. The content could be in the form of text in a word document, image files on the computer desktop, or an email from a colleague. No matter the content, it will need to be moved to the website.

Placing Content / Building Your Website

Where content is placed on your website depends on the nature of the information and how users will expect to find it1. To explain in relation to Reditype, here is a somewhat simplified guide:

  • Information updates and news belong in blog posts,
  • Fixed information pages like company information should go in site pages,
  • Abstract and unstructured pages are probably best for wiki pages,
  • images and documents should be attached to one of the above.

  1. Information Architecture describes this concept.