eCommerce Masterclass


Reditype has a full featured eCommerce system as a freely available extension. It’s functionality in most cases will be very familiar for those used to the Reditype system, however there are some concepts and advanced usage which may require some explanation.

This eCommerce Master Class aims at providing advanced users with an in-depth approach to concepts such as promotions, vouchers and cart calculation logic.

Jumping In: A basic Overview

The eCommerce system is built on a number of fundamental content elements. Forming the this base are: categories, attributes and variations, products and stock.

When starting out with a new shop setup, a plan of attack will be valuable in making sure everything fits together.

1. Start with some Categories

Categories are a great starting point since they provide the primary structure for the shop. Categories need a single root (“All Products” for example.) and then split into a more granular structure.

Read more on Categories, or see some example category structures.

2. Attributes and Variations will be needed

Usually these are added early in the shop construction process. They provide the purchase options a product is presented with. Sizes, colour, material are typical examples.

Read more on Attributes and Variations.

Moving Beyond The Basics

At this point we assume you have taken a look at basic management of the eCommerce system and have become familiar with categories, attributes, adding product and managing stock.

Promotions, vouchers and complex cart calculations provide the next piece to managing a medium-to-large eCommerce system. Understanding how Reditype manages these features is critical.